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Welcome to the Nanny State……. We started in early 2008 and with our influences being deeply rooted in Punk and Oi!, with a smattering of Rock & Roll and anything with attitude. Once we put all our influences together, there was only one type of music that we would come up with, Hooligan Rock & Roll. It may not be for the purists, but it's straight from the heart, the way it should be. We write songs about the things that affect us in every day life and deliver them in a hard-hitting, attitude-soaked, comment-laden, infectious style, which we call Hooligan Rock & Roll. No doubt we will be pigeonholed by the faceless, phoney, fashion-conscious poseurs for not jumping on the latest trendy bandwagon, by the pricks that think it's more important to categorise a band rather than actually listen to their music. These people make us sick. We are not the only ones who believe that we live in what is fast becoming a Police State with nearly every aspect of our lives being monitored and controlled, hence our name. This does however give us the subject matter for many of our songs. To this end, we would like to personally thank half-baked, self-centred, short sighted, money-grabbing, intellectually challenged politicians and idiots everywhere for giving us our inspiration. Hope you enjoy our noise, and if you do, see you down the front.



  • Control / Harrington Saints - "Pick Your Poison" 7" Split
    Control / Harrington Saints -
  • Oi! This Is Streetpunk, Volume One
    Oi! This Is Streetpunk, Volume One
  • Control - "Punk Rock Ruined My Life..." 12"
    Control -

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