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Crim have an important and difficult challenge after editing in 2014 the best punk rock album that has been made in years in our country; Well, in this country and part of the foreigner. A round disc from beginning to end, full of generational hymns and intelligent lyrics, that we all have learned by heart and that we sing in their concerts, excited and satisfied, with fists in the air. Well, when it seemed impossible to make a second album that was at the level, the bastards go and they get it. Excited, like a teenager in front of their first date of love, I put the new record in the player, and from the first chord of 'Benvingut Enemic', a fucking hit, I saw that it was before another huge album. A lot. Fur hen And so I am from that day, as with the first LP, repeating songs with the CD in the car, with the volume at all ostia and chanting to shout bare as a possessed. And is that the new LP of the Tarraconenses is a clear example of how a band of PUNK ROCK has to sound (yes, yes, in capital letters). Striking and concise guitars, harsh, clear and arrogant voice, with a powerful and powerful rhythm section that makes the sound catch you and immerse you in a sea of ​​sounds that will evidently take you to the feet and the physical brutality of the monsters most sacred of punk rock. How to put in a shaker the choreable hymns of the first Cock Sparrer, the paraphrases of the great Leatherface and the harmonies of the best themes of Social Distortion. In short, if this album does not make you react ... sIf topics like "Vaixells de paper", "Doncs brindem", "Guionistes d'aquest mon" or "Avui fa bon dia", they do not get your heart throbbing, not touching you the fiber and that a thread of intelligence and bad milk shine in your eyes, if "No hi serem" does not give wings to your feet, you do not even need to cut your veins, because you have been dead for a long time. One day, Bilardo, the one of "písalo", said that in Buenos Aires there were no more good children who play football, that all those who knew were in the regions. Here it has happened the same, freshness, spontaneous naturalness and vitality, comes from the regions. With two balls! Do not be fooled by false clichés and melodramatic postures, here is good mandanga, honest people, you just have to put it and enjoy it, your brain will thank you.

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