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There’s been a new wave rising over the last few years keeping punk legitimate in an era threatened by being mired in nostalgia and mediocrity. With such disparate bands like YOUNG OFFENDERS and CRIMINAL DAMAGE and now the SYDNEY DUCKS, this new generation (made largely of people from older generations) manages to create a fresh, new, blue-collar punk sound while staying purely traditional at the same time. SYDNEY DUCKS achieve this by doing away with the repetitiveness common to Oi! and replacing it with dashes of influences ranging from mid-tempo hardcore to a bit of first generation post punk. The resultant sound is like the TEMPLARS crossed with IGNITION... - Maximum RocknRoll

1968 San Francisco changed the pop culture landscape by giving the world Steve McQueen’s Frank Bullit. Cool, clean and hard, Bullit defined the city’s swagger for generations. 40 years later, San Francisco strikes again & submits Sydney Ducks, who share a common heritage of reserved cool & stylish substance with McQueen’s iconic supercop. As McQueen did in the 60s, Sydney Ducks are the Bay City subject matter raising the bar for the genre to aspire to.

Formed in 2009, and sharing a moniker with a crew of criminal immigrants that burned out San Fransciso’s heart in 1849, Sydney Ducks are undertaking a similar process of burning through an as of late stagnant scene that has been based more on facsimile and nostalgia than forward thinking. Cutting through the city’s infamous fog, Sydney Ducks combine influences as wide as neo-psychedelia & prog rock, with the more familiar sounds of power-pop’s clean guitar lines, mod rock’s solid rhythms & the rancorous vocal stylings of early British oi!

Made up of members who have done time in various genres, this wide lens of experience has led to one of the best subculture demos in recent years, as well as two “instant classic” EPs.


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