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The Ratchets


Old friends, played-out scenes and ultimately the will to make timeless music are the threads that brought THE RATCHETS together. Taking their name from a lyric in The Slicker's song "Johnny Too Bad" they fuse rock-n-roll, punk and reggae music with their very own explosive blend of songwriting. With a common goal, this four piece has set their eyes on creating music with both substance and sound, something music journalists love to write about but bands rarely accomplish. They walk the line with yesterday's ghosts, and yet somehow also manage to bleed new blood into their redefinition of rock-n-roll. It is this pursuit, the want to raise the bar and create music that will resonate for years to come, that they've hinged their career upon. Ready or not, THE RATCHETS are here to deliver the promise inherent in all great rock-n-roll groups, a promise to get out on the ledge...to walk though the fire...to pray like the hunted.

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