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This Means War!


This Means War! … the war on punk rages on!

While we are all celebrating 40 years of punk, these guys hooked up to form a brand new band with one common love…punk! Far from rookies, they played in numerous bands before such as: Discipline, Backfire!, Convict and many more. Now these punks are more determined than ever before to conquer the world with their hard hitting melodic punk rock anthems!

EP 2017 – Sailing the waves of anarchy
Hungry like a pack of wolves they started writing together with producer Igor Wouters. They recorded their first EP, ‘Sailing Anarchy,’ in the famous ARC studio in Amsterdam. Jay Maas (Defeater) took it to another level mixing the songs at Getaway Studios in Boston. Finally the EP was mastered at Rogue Planet Mastering. It didn’t take too long before they popped up on Pirate Press Records' radar. Owner Eric Mueller jumped aboard and saw the potential of these punks. When bands like Street Dogs, Cock Sparrer, The Old Firm Casuals, and The Bar Stool Preachers are on your roster you know this is the real deal. The release of ‘Sailing Anarchy’ was met with great reviews worldwide. This Means War! hooked up with Chris Curtis (Green Day and Dropkick Murphys) for the release of their first two videos (Sailing Anarchy and Use It Up).

LP/CD 2018 – punk rock anthems from the heart.
Since they first set sail, This Means War! had to say farewell to two of their original crew members, but that’s when Carlo (Discipline) and Dave (Backfire!, Discipline) joined ship and they kept on sailing. Meanwhile, they teamed up with Bart Van Lier @ High Lake Hill Studio and put 11 punk rock anthems to tape. What to expect? Hard hitting melodic punk rock melodies with influences from legends such as Cock Sparrer, The Offspring, Dropkick Murphys and Street Dogs. ‘From The Heart’ is due to be released through Demons Run Amok Records in Europe and Pirates Press Records in the U.S.

This Means War! – conquering the stage!
Although only formed in 2017, This Means War! has already shared the stage with bands such as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Booze & Glory, Street Dogs, G.B.H., Sham 69, and many more. They also appeared on festivals such as Sound of Revolution (NL), Punk and Disorderly (GER), and Rebellion (NL). TMW also supported Cock Sparrer on their "Back To The Clubs" tour through Germany. This Means War! keeps the punk spirit alive and is more determined than ever to conquer the world!

So lace up your boots, grease up that Mohican and make sure you prepare yourself for the punk rock rage that is coming your way! This Means War will make you ears and heart bleed…bleeding punk!

This Means War is:
Bert – vocals
Dries – drums
Carlo – bass
Robbie – guitar
Dave – guitar

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