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45 Adapters - "Collected Works Vol. 1" Double 10" - PPR057-LS10104

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This is a compilation of all previously vinyl-only releases by the band, including the “Not One More Day” EP, the “Don’t Trust Anyone Who Doesn’t Dance” EP and the split EP with Stomper 98. It includes 4 previously unreleased tracks! The last track ("Ey You") is also exclusive to this (vinyl) anthology and not available on the (European) CD version that is available.

Digital Download included!

1. Not One More Day
2. The Bridge Store
3. Metropolitans
4. Overtime
6. Throw It Out
7. Brand New Good Old Days
8. Third Time
9. This Xmas
10. What’s Right
11. Nothing To Prove
12. Nutmeg (unreleased)
13. Paved (unreleased)
14. Tiny Bites (unreleased)
15. Ey You (unreleased)

Pressing Information

50pcs. - 10" Black Vinyl
300pcs. - 10" Orange & Blue AsideBside
150pcs. - 10" Ultra Clear w/ Orange & Blue Splatter

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