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Detournement - "Awaken With Millions" Diecut 10" - $7.99 PPR040

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Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, Detournement's second release, "Awaken with Millions from One Heart", is a collection of love-letters to the proletariat, anti-capitalist pillow-talk, and pop-punk songs for class warfare.

Produced by Bouncing Souls guitarist, Pete Steinkopf, "Awaken with Millions from One Heart" follows a similar approach to Detournement's debut, "Screaming Response", which was accused of making "good on the promise their pedigree commands" by Alternative Press, charged as being "classic hardcore punk!" by Jersey Beat, and convicted as "a violently political album" by Heathen Harvest.

01. Chicago '86
02. Jenny Von Westphalen
03. Awaken with Millions

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250pcs. - 10" Blood Red Vinyl
250pcs. - 10" Red & Yellow Starbust Binyl

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