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Street Dogs - "Crooked Drunken Sons & Rustbelt Nation" 9" / CD - $4.99 - $10.99 PPR086B

With the unbelievable support that the STREET DOGS Army have given these two new EP's, the band and Pirates Press Records are giving another little something special back to the fans.

This limited edition TRI-COLOR VINYL NINE INCH includes all six tracks from both EP's in a printed picture sleeve; STREET DOGS diehards and vinyl nerds rejoice!

The 9" SQUARE PICTURE DISC version of this (released on 2013 BLACK FRIDAY RECORD STORE DAY), sold out within days, and these are bound to disappear quickly as well.

Side A:
Crooked Drunken Sons
I Got Drunk
We All Fall Apart

Side B:
Certain Fate
Eighteen for Life

Pressing Information

600pcs. - Gold Vinyl (Rev Distro Version)
350pcs. - Tricolor Vinyl (Mailorder Version)
50pcs. - Black Vinyl (Promo Version)

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