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Tim Timebomb & Friends: "Mixtapes" #1, #2, & #3" 3xLP - $24.99 PPR119

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To commemorate and celebrate the huge success of the TIM TIMEBOMB & FRIENDS project that Tim Armstrong (RANCID) coordinated starting in 2012, Hellcat Records and Pirates Press Records have teamed up, and will continue bringing more and more vinyl to the (turn)table. Starting off with three quickly SOLD-OUT 7" singles last year, the series continues with these three "Mixtapes" that Tim put together, highlighting some of his (and fan) favorites.

With literally hundreds of tracks (timtimebomb.com), and a plethora of incredible artwork also made by Tim himself, clearly the possibilities are endless, so you'll have to keep an eye out for more cool & creative projects soon to be announced. With an incredible effort like this, contributing one song to the world each day for more than a year (via Youtube.com), the project certainly deserves some equally special treatment on vinyl. These three "mixtapes", somewhat corralling three of the different styles of music brought to the table, are a great introduction for those who didn't follow the daily releases, or a wonderful commemoration of it for those who did.

Most of these 3LP packages are going to disappear during Record Store Day 2014, so be sure to order yours early! Two different colored vinyl versions available, exclusively via Rev Distribution & PiratesPressRecords.com.

“Honor Is All We Know”
Side A:
1. Honor Is All We Know
2. Change That Song Mr. DJ
3. She Goes To Finos
4. Do What You Want
5. I Wanna Get Rid A You
6. Childrens Bread

Side B:
1. In The City
2. Television
3. Oh No
4. No Reverence
5. Guardian Angel
6. Cupid Aims

“30 Pieces Of Silver”
Side A:
1. Thirty Pieces Of Silver
2. Let’s Do Rocksteady
3. Too Much Pressure
4. Summer Of 69
5. Concerte Jungle
6. Lip Up Fatty

Side B:
1. Working
2. Ooh La La
3. This Time We Got It Right
4. Just For Tonight
5. Ruby Soho
6. Saturday Night At The Movies

“Special Lunacy”
Side A:
1. She’s Drunk All The Time
2. Chills And Fever
3. Rock This Joint
4. ’Til The Well Runs Dry
5. Jim Dandy
6. Yes Sir

Side B:
1. I’m Movin On
2. Bucket Hole
3. Adilida
4. Thanks A Lot
5. I’m Goin’ Down
6. Blue Skies

Pressing Information

700pcs. - Gold Vinyl - (Rev Record Story Day 2014 Exclusive)
500pcs. - Bone Vinyl - (Pirates Press Records Mailorder Exclusive)

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