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Lenny Lashley's Gang of One: "Illuminator" - $11.99 PPR093

LENNY LASHELY'S GANG OF ONE is the latest project from the former Darkbuster frontman. A longtime fixture in the Boston punk scene, Lenny has been playing and touring with his original music for over 16 years. After a traumatic run of Europe in '08 (resulting in a mental breakdown) and a few years of reflection, Lenny has re-emerged onto the scene, playing solo acoustic shows and even a Darkbuster reunion show.

A good friend (Joe Koukos [Holdfast Records, Asbury Park, NJ]) introduced Lenny to Bouncing Souls guitarist, Pete Steinkopf, to record and produce a 3 song 7" picture disc record. Originally intended to be a singer/songwriter styled recording, the project took a life of its own with luminaries Pete Steinkopf and Bryan Keinlen from The Bouncing Souls and Joe Sirois from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones lending their talents to the recording. Following the release of the EP, Lenny began to record his follow-up effort, a 10 song full length record. Once again, Pete, Bryan, and Joe joined in, as well as Bouncing Souls drummer Michael McDermott and many other talented musicians. The result is "Illuminator."

Co-released by Pirates Press Records and Panic State Records, these ten new original tunes run the gamut of straight up rock to heart wrenching acoustic tunes. It documents some of what life has dealt Lenny over the past few years and how he has come to deal with it and is undoubtedly Lenny Lashley's best work to date!

The release comes with a digital download card and a printed jacket with foil stamping.

01. Kingston
02. Hooligans
03. White Man
04. Happily
05. Anti-Christmas
06. U.S. Mail
07. Heavens Gate
08. Don't Exist
09. Gates
10. Re-Covering

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
250 pcs. - Gold Vinyl (REVHQ Retail Version)
100 pcs. - Gold/Black Half-n-Half Vinyl (Artist Version)
100 pcs. - Black Vinyl (PSR Webstore Version)
050 pcs. - Gold Vinyl w/ Black Splatter (PPR Webstore Version)

Second Pressing:
150 pcs. - Silver Vinyl
100 pcs. - Black / Silver / Black Vinyl

Third Pressing:
500pcs. - Bronze Vinyl (REVHQ Version)
250pcs. - Bronze & Silver AsideBside w/ Gold Splatter Vinyl (PSR Version)
250pcs. - Bronze, Silver, & Gold Vinyl (PPR Version)

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