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Kicker: "Rendered Obsolete" 12" LP - $12.99 PPR166

Fronted by legendary Pete the Roadie, KICKER is pure punk from members of Neurosis and Dystopia, for fans of Rudimentary Peni and Subhumans.

Pete, who for the past 30-odd years has roadied for the Subhumans, Amebix, Chumbawamba, Fugazi, Jello Biafra, and just about everyone else, has clearly established himself as more than just a roadie.

Following up their 2012 full-length “Not You” (Tank Crimes), this album is full of the same cheeky and clever, catchy 2 minute hit-you-over-the-head bouts of realism that got them so much acclaim right out of the gate. Pete’s energy, dedication, and booze-soaked cockney exuberance, and the rest of the band’s sheer talent and experience is so clear, and inspiring - and the reason why punks, skins, metalheads, drunks, and everyone else at the bar loves them so much.

Here are nine new tracks to convince you.

Digital download is included.

A Side
1. You Can't Take Me Anywhere
2. Shit at Kicker
3. Soggy Dad
4. Rendered Obsolete
5. Brown Bread

B Side
6. Full English
7. You Suck
8. Timeless Cliches
9. Plastic Button

Pressing Information

150pcs. - 12" Kelly Green inside Milky Clear Color-In-Color Vinyl (Tankcrimes Version)
350pcs. - 12" Milky Clear Vinyl (Band Version)
500pcs. - 12" Black, White, & Milky Clear AsideBside Tri-Color Blend Vinyl (PPR / Rev Version)

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