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Red Union - "Rats & Snakes" CD - PPR044CD

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After two acclaimed albums, the Serbian punk band, RED UNION, is back with "Rats and Snakes". More mature, thoughtful, and energetic than ever before, "Rats and Snakes" combines the force and energy of their debut album, "Rebel Anthems", with melodic abilities that were hinted on "Black Box". RED UNION merge the punk rock stylings of THE CLASH, NEWTOWN NEUROTICS, and SWINGIN' UTTERS with the anthemic power pop excursions of THE JAM and THE MOVEMENT.

1. The Call
2. Rats and Snakes
3. Night Away
4. False Profit
5. Nuke the World
6. Not a Saint
7. Empty Pockets
8. Pyroclass
9. Downtown Cretins
10. So Alone
11. Broken Elevator
12. Inbred Nation

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