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Monster Squad: "Demo #1" Cassette - $6.99 Monster-Squad-Demo

Original lineup January 1997- late 1998/1999:
Phil Geck: vocals
Dave Gale: guitar, vocals
Pat Edwards: bass
Matthew Kadi: drums

Recorded to four track at Pat's parents' house sometime in 1997 or early 1998 by Greg MacFarland in Vacaville. Up until now, there was only one copy of this tape made, that was never released. This is the first recording done by someone other than Monster Squad and their boombox.

1. Cops!
2. I Love Punk
3. Fascist Schools
4. These Boots
5. Saturday Night
6. Punks and Skins
7. Nothing But Enemies
8. Hey Mr. Nazi
9. Separation Degradation
10. Cops! (again) and Song 1

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