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Tim Timebomb & Friends: 7" Single Series - PPR100

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To commemorate and celebrate the huge success of the TIM TIMEBOMB & FRIENDS project that Tim Armstrong (RANCID) launched last fall, Hellcat Records and Pirates Press Records have teamed up to start bringing some vinyl to the (turn)table. Starting off with this first series of three 7" singles to support the upcoming RANCID tour featuring lots of contributors on the TIM TIMEBOMB & FRIENDS masterpiece, these are no doubt just the start.

With literally hundreds of tracks, and some pretty incredible artwork prepped and ready for them, you can only start to imagine the other cool & creative projects on the horizon. With an incredible effort like this, contributing one song to the world each day (via Youtube.com), the project certainly deserves some equally special treatment on vinyl. It's safe to say Hellcat Records and Pirates Press Records are the perfect team to make that a reality, and we see these three singles as a great kick-off!

Loads of these are going to disappear across the merch table during the upcoming RANCID tour this Aug/Sept., but the rest are available exclusively via Rev Distribution & PiratesPressRecords.com. Pick up all three today, and keep an eye out for more!

You can check out Tim Timebomb on YouTube!
Grab a TIM TIMEBOMB & FRIENDS CD bundle pack HERE.
Get a limited edition TIM TIMEBOMB & FRIENDS poster HERE.

Pressing Information

Limited initial pressing of 1250pc each on Black Vinyl

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