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Suede Razors - "Razor Stomp" 12" EP - $11.99 PPR169

Clap your hands & stomp your feet, to the rhythm of the bovver beat! Finally, these Bay Area bovver boys are set to dish out more than a 2-song single with this 6-song 12”. Five new songs in addition to a new studio version of last years hit ‘Berlin Or Bust’ make up this mini-LP that picks up where the previous 5 singles leave off - and then some! Adding to their trademark sound, influenced by 70’s glam and rock & roll (AC/DC, SMALL FACES) as much as 80’s punk and Oi! (BUSINESS, LAST RESORT), there is even a hint of some pub rock (BISHOPS, THIRD WORLD WAR) on this record.

A Side
1. Ready To Rock
2. TV175
3. Bovver Girl

B Side
1. Berlin Or Bust
2. All Nighter
3. Keep On Rockin’

Pressing Information

100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Band version)
450pcs. - 12" Orange w/ White, Grey, & Blue Splatter Vinyl (PPR/REV version)
450pcs. - 12" Yellow & Orange w/ White, Grey, & Blue Splatter Vinyl (RANDALE version)

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