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Badlands - "Hands Of Time" LP - $11.99 LS12141

This is a re-issue of the 2003 classic “Hands Of Time” album by one of the top European 'streetpunk' bands at the time. This is top quality songwriting with strong musicianship, intelligent lyrics, amazing vocals and generally kick-ass rockin music!!

This is a testament to the cult-status of Badlands, who have recently re-formed. For fans of early streetpunk, this is the holy grail... Get your copy now as the first pressing on vinyl has been long sold out, and out of print!

A1 - Back In History
A2 - Judgement Day
A3 - Rip It Up
A4 - It's Gonna End
A5 - Heroes
B1 - Whatever Happened
B2 - From The Heart
B3 - Hold On To Your Dreams
B4 - Hands Of Time
B5 - Fight Until The End

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