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Brassknuckle - "Skinhead '82" 12" LP - $11.99 LS12208

Edinburgh’s top bootboys BRASSKNUCKLE is about to release their debut album “Skinhead 82” and even though it is a brand new, the lads from Scotland’s capital sound like they’re coming straight out of the 80’s! Reviving that classic British Oi! sound, “Skinhead 82” doesn’t sound pretty or perfect, but true, authentic and ready to ruck!

With recent releases by similarly raucous British bands like B-SQUADRON, TOP DOG, LAST CRUSADE and CROWN COURT, this band fits the Rebellion Records/Longshot Music roster perfectly with its raw and gritty, no-bullshit style! No mess, no fuss, just pure BRASSKNUCKLE!

Includes Digital Download.

1. Another Tory
2. One And All
3. Ska Band
4. Junkie
5. Lies
6. Skinhead On The Inside
7. Proud

1. Empire
2. Bow
3. Skinhead ‘82
4. Politics
5. United
6. Boots Are Gone

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