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Suede Razors - "Passion On The Pitch" 7" - $3.99 SR-POTP7

This is a repress of the 4th and most recent release from this new band that is taking the skinhead/Oi! scene by storm!! Playing their own style of "bovver rock'n'roll", this record had been released in time for the band's first tour of Europe in March and sold out nearly instantly!

'Passion On The Pitch' celebrates "the beautiful game" of football (ie. soccer) and the b-side is a cover of a song by the classic old English band Red London...

Get your copy of this repress soon, as this will be limited to only 500 more with a new version of the cover and updated colour vinyl.

1. Passion On The Pitch

1. Wish The Lads Were Here* (*Red London)

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