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Junto - "Morior Invictus" 12" LP - $12.99 LSM007-12

Finally! A more substantial release from this fantastic new-comer to the current crop of brickwall Oi! bands. After a couple of power-house 7” EPs that were well-received by the masses, Junto has 8 new songs packaged as a 12” MLP complete with stellar artwork by the amazing Muna. All this just in time for their first European tour that begins in January to coincide with the release date! This album will cement Junto’s place at the pinnacle of American Oi! bands.

1. Frontline
2. New World
3. Under The Boot
4. Here To Stay

1. Latchkey Kid
2. Jealousy & Envy
3. World War III
4. Knock ‘Em Down

This release contains a digital download.

Pressing Information

250pcs. - 12" Oxblood Vinyl (EU version)
150pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (LSM version, hand-numbered)
100pcs. - 12" White Vinyl (Band version)

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