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Bishops Green - A Chance To Change LP

BISHOPS GREEN have firmly established themselves as one of the premier bands of the resurgent streetpunk scene, with uptempo, anthemic songs that touch on a wide range of cerebral subject matter ranging from questioning the decisions of the powers that be in politics to the more personal struggle of daily existence. A Chance To Change is the second full-length from this exciting and prolific band, following the full length Pressure (2014) and their debut self-titled 12” mini-LP from the year before. This album brought even more opportunity and success spreading their poignant message to the punk rock masses.

A Side
1. Lost Generation
2. Specter
3. We Got Nothing
4. Resistance
5. Government Lies
6. Dead And Gone

B Side
1. Caged
2. Defiance
3. Invisible
4. Can't Walk Away
5. Soldier

Pressing Information

100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
1000pcs. - 12" Silver and White AsideBside Vinyl (Rebellion Version)
100pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear Vinyl (Rebellion Mailorder Version)
150pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear w/ Black, Silver, & White Splatter Vinyl (PPR Mailorder)
1000pcs. - 12" Grey Vinyl (Rev Version)
650pcs. - 12" Grey w/ White & Black Splatter (Band Version)