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Slugger - Rabid Dogs Blood Red Vinyl 7"

Originally formed by 2 friends in the small Northern California town of Chico, SLUGGER has become a fully formed Oi! juggernaut with the addition of a full-time rhythm section and they have been hitting stages all over California now with plans to go further soon hopefully. Starting this spring with a short California tour with BROMURE from France. In conjunction with the tour there is the new 4-song ’Rabid Dogs’ 7” EP with more pure, unadulterated skinhead rock’n’roll that is no mess, no fuss brickwall Oi! Picking up exactly where they left off with their debut ‘S/T’ 10” EP that was a smash hit.

Side A:
1. Turn Their Back
2. Rabid Dogs

Side B:
3. Johnson Park
4. Fortunate Son

Pressing info:
250pcs. - 7" Blood Red Vinyl