Booze & Glory - Trouble Free CD

No Mess, No Fuss, just pure Impact! BOOZE & GLORY come up with their second full lenght which is also their debut for Contra Records.

Anybody who was into the Oi! & Streetpunk scene during the last few years took notice of these amazing band. Authentic representives of a "New Breed" of traditional Oi! Bands without unnecessary metal influences, Bands who don't give a fuck about the so-called Mainstream, Bands who did not sell their soul for a handful shows and doubtful fame by opening theirselves to all sides. Those 4 Skinheads from London (3 of them with polish roots) just keep on the good work which the've started on their "Always on the wrong Side" Album a year ago: Straight forward Oi! Music with terrace chants & sing-a-longs just like their heroes like the COCKNEY REJECTS, THE 4 SKINS or SHAM 69 did back in the days. The new record deals with the typical Working Class themes, they donate another hymn to their favourite team West Ham United and they sing about the sad status of the british operations into the middle-east Wars. With "Trouble Free" BOOZE & GLORY just made their way into the Champions League of Oi!

1. Our Passion 
2. Always Left Behind 
3. Trouble Free 
4. Cyber Warrior 
5. Never Returned 
6. Come You Irons! 
7. Payday, 8. Until The End 
9. Hooligan 
10. Weekend In Karlskrona 
11. Plastic Skinheads 
12. My Girl

Bonus Tracks: 
13. We’re The Boys 
14. Swingin Fuckin' Hammers 
15. Alex Go! 
16. Online Generation