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HARD EVIDENCE - "Last One Standing" MLP

Formed in 2013 in St. Louis, this is a great new band who’s sound is already solid as a rock! All 8 tracks on this 12” is a high quality mixture of American streetpunk and British Oi! music and it sounds fantastic! There’s room for tons of melody, great guitar riffs and catchy sing-a-longs which make “Last One Standing” a record that can easily be loved by fans of bands such as The Brassknuckle Boys, The Crack, CockSparrer or Bishops Green. Co-released with Rebellion Records and available on limited edition colour vinyl – get your copy quick before this first pressing sells out!!

A1 - Long Days 
A2 - All The Answers 
A3 - Criminals And Outcasts 
A4 - Spoiled Rotten

B1 - Last One Standing 
B2 - Can't Save Me 
B3 - Rising Sun 
B4 - Propaganda

Pressing Information

200pcs. - Black Vinyl 
150pcs. - Red/Bronze Swirl Vinyl (Rebellion edition) 
150pcs. - Black/Oxblood Color In Color (Longshot edition)