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SEASIDE REBELS - "When Their World Ended, Our Story Began" 10"

This is the sophomore release from this exciting new band that is actually not so new… With their roots in their native country of Greece, Seaside Rebels started a few years back and took a hiatus as ‘Bubbles’ their singer moved back to London to join up with Booze & Glory as their bass player. A couple years ago the rest of the band joined him in London and Seaside Rebels have come back to life again with the recent debut release of their ‘Changing Times’ 7” EP that sold out quickly and will be re-pressed soon. In the meantime, the 6 new songs on this 10” EP continues in the same style as previously with aggressively melodic streetpunk that has caught the attention of fans all over Europe with the numerous festivals and shows Seaside Rebels have been playing. Look for plenty more to come from this band in the future…

Get your copy now before they are gone as this is a limited first pressing…

1. Abandon Ship 
2. Take To The Warpath 
3. My Dreams

1. Too Many Expectations 
2. Stronger Than Before 
3. Our Life, Our Music, Our Scene