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Marching Orders - From 2002 To 2020: Brothers In Arms 2x12" Gatefold 2xLP

A little more than 20 years ago, history was being made when Marching Orders first formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2002. The early years saw a self-released demo and then a self-released CD EP (‘Last Drinks’) as well as a few line-up changes. By the time the smashing debut album ‘Days Gone By’ was released in 2010, the line-up had already become quite stable and Marching Orders had already toured the east coast of the USA in 2008 and in support of the album they toured Europe in 2011. Another full-length album followed in 2013 and the band had about a dozen releases under their belt by then, a number of which were 7” EPs and splits. ‘Brothers In Arms’ is the first output from the band in nearly a decade and this is a comprehensive collection of all those songs that had been released on those Singles, EPs and compilations, as well as 4 previously never released songs. This is definitely the must-have record for any Marching Orders fan, or for anyone who has not discovered this band yet as it spans the majority of their prolific history.

“The true measure of an album, the only one that really matters, is how much it makes you want to throw your arms in the air and sing along. By this measure, Marching Orders new album, ‘Living Proof’ is going to be the one to beat this year.” – Big Wheel Magazine, Feb. 2013

Side A:
1. Nihilistic
2. Traitor
3. Thief In The Night *
4. Brothers In Arms
5. Never Let You Down

Side B:
1. Minimum Wage
2. Something More Than This
3. Life Of Crime *
4. Glory Days *

Side C:
1. Mass Hysteria
2. Epidemic
3. Nation Of Ghosts
4. Stuck In A Rut
5. To This Day

Side D:
1. Songs Of Yesterday
2. Mods Skins Punks
3. Promised Land *
4. Worth The Fight

*=previously unreleased track

500pcs. - 2x12" Red Vinyl (LSM Version)
300pcs. - 2x12" Black Vinyl (Contra Version)