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Slugger - California's Slugger Orange 10"

Covid was a super shitty time for many, many reasons. But to take an optimistic view and find the silver lining in the past 2 years, there was a lot of time for some really talented and really exciting new bands to form, and SLUGGER is one of those bands! Formed by 2 friends in the small Northern California town of Chico, they recruited their pal from Santa Cruz nearly 2 hours away to lay the bass tracks on the songs they had written. The result is this killer 10” EP that you now hold in your hands (or can hold in your hands if you order it now).

Pure, unadulterated skinhead rock’n’roll that is no mess, no fuss brickwall Oi! As cliché as that previous sentence is, this band is no cliché and will soon be at the top of every skinhead’s top-10 list. Don’t miss out and grab a copy of this now and look for Slugger to hit a stage near you soon as they have also recruited a full-time drummer now that gigs are back!

Side A: 
1. Skinhead
2. How Much More Can We Take
3. What Future

Side B: 
4. Chopping Block
5. I’m Not A Sucker
6. Me And You

500pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl