BONECRUSHER - "Saints & Heroes" LP

This is the latest/newest full-length album from this legendary So. Cal. punk band that has been one of the driving forces of American punk rock for over 20 years now. Bonecrusher’s sound is at the heart of the southern Californian punk scene with raw, unforgiving and unrelentingly powerful vocals along with ripping guitars and hard-hitting rhythms from the bass and drums – all while maintaining a slew of melodic hooks that will catch your attention and not let go…

This album follows up the ‘Blvd Of Broken Bones’ full-length from 2012, so after more than 3 years, this comes as a much anticipated release for the legions of Bonecrusher fans world-wide, and they will not be disappointed as this picks up exactly where the last left off, with Raybo back at the helm manning the vocals… So this is the classic Bonecrusher sound that catapulted them to notoriety in the first place!!

Do not miss out on this one as it is a very limited pressing of only 500 units…

1. Remember 
2. All For One 
3. Freedom (Part 2) 
4. Saints & Heroes 
5. Hold Your Head Up High 
6. Monster

1. Whiskey Nation 
2. Born To Lose 
3. Emmanuel (God Is With Us) 
4. Class War 
5. Spare Me Your Misery 
6. We Got Tonight