BONECRUSHER - "Every Generation" LP - Picture Disc

At last! The debut recording from the almighty BONECRUSHER with their new frontman! In the past 2+ years since Mike has joined the band, there has been a new-found energy and stability within the band that has them regularly gigging and touring all over North America and Europe now like never before. Having just completed another successful 3-week long tour of Europe to support their new studio album ‘Every Generation’, there is a very limited quantity of the limited edition Picture Disc version released by LSM Vinyl intended for the tour available now. So if you were not lucky enough to catch the band on tour in Europe, or you aren’t gonna make it to the Midwest Live & Loud festival in Chicago on Labour Day long weekend, then make sure you place an order for this here and now, as it will not be available anywhere else or for very long...

This release includes a digital download.

Track Listing: 
A Side : 
1. Ain’t Gonna Take It 
2. Better Days 
3. Every Generation 
4. Marching On 
5. Had Enough 
6. No Alternative

B Side: 
1. No Way Out 
2. Nowhere To Go 
3. Order Out Of Chaos 
4. Stay Away 
5. Under The Gun

"If you did not know better, you would not think that 'Every Generation' is the first album with a new singer. And even sonically, Bonecrusher is doing what they have been doing for well over two decades now. 'Every Generation' offers the listener eleven new songs that are just burning in your ears. Streetpunk at it's finest!" - Away From Life