BONECRUSHER - "Hate Divides Us, Music Unites Us" 10" EP


Having been a band for nearly 30 years now, Bonecrusher has been assaulting the masses with their crushing SoCal punk rock since 1992 and they keep getting better. Their sound definitely originates from the beach towns of California with early hardcore punk influences like Circle Jerks and Black Flag, as well as more rage-fueled urban influences like Agnostic Front and Iron Cross. Bonecrusher is a band that can appeal to all punks and skins and beyond – and back in the day when live music was a thing you would find Bonecrusher on a stage all over the USA and Europe headlining tours and festivals. Hopefully that time will return soon and with their mantra of “Music Unites Us” Bonecrusher will be coming to a stage near you soon. In the meantime, don’t miss out on this limited release!

Side A:
1. Hate Divides Us, Music Unites Us
2. Living To Win

Side B:
1. Take A Stand
2. The Fall

This release contains a digital download.

“…this record (‘Saints & Heroes’) is dropping bombs! The power of the hard hitting, yet still very melodic sound, the anger and the passion in the vocals, the massive sing-alongs, the heavy bass driven anthems… Bonecrusher has it all! From street-punk powerhouses as “Remember”, “All For One”, “Freedom”, “Saints And Heroes”, “Hold Your Head Up High”, “Born To Lose”, “Class War”, “Whiskey Nation” and “Gotta Revolution” to the ‘Off With Their Heads on steroids’-tracks “Spare Me Your Misery”, “We Got Tonight” and “Emmanuel (God Is With Us)”, every song grabs you by the throat, not planning on letting go anytime soon!”

Pressing Information:
150pc. - 10" Black Vinyl w/ Silver Foil on Jacket (LSM Vinyl version)
150pcs. - 10" Orange Vinyl (Band/Euro version)