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Brigata Vendetta - S/T 7" EP

From the main song writers of veteran streetpunk band Harrington Saints, comes a brand new band and sound called BRIGATA VENDETTA!

Darrel Wojick (Bass & Vocals) joins his Harrington Saints comrades, lead guitarist Mike Caputo and Forrest Maestretti (Drums) to bring a heavy 80's hardcore punk sound with a modern twist. This 3-piece is as heavy as it comes with short, sharp, scathing songs that are as honest as they are brutal.

Now that live music is back, the band has spent 2022 playing around the Bay Area and they plan to hit the road for some Southern California dates soon with plans for a European tour in 2023 hopefully.

Side A: 
1. When The World’s On Fire
2. Justice

Side B:
3. I’ve Had Enough
4. Please Don’t Kill Me

400pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl
100pcs. - 7" Oxblood Vinyl