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HARRINGTON SAINTS - "Live In Berlin" 12" LP

For nearly 15 years, HARRINGTON SAINTS absolutely destroyed stages all over the USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe, like the rock’n’Oi! juggernaut that they are. And it all goes back to the beginning when Mike, Darrel, and Jay got together. Darrel showed them a handful of songs already written from his last band (which was pretty much punk-n-roll, to be honest) which he figured the others could jump in on, and then they could find a drummer. The whole thing was meant to just play some shows and maybe get some free booze. Nothing more than that -- maybe a 7" release if they were lucky. Thankfully as luck had it, the net result was far more than a 7” as they have a lengthy discography now and literally 100s of shows under their belt. And thankfully as well, someone had the very good idea to capture that live one night in Berlin as the legendary Wild At Heart club. As a result, we have this collection of 14 songs, mixed and mastered for optimal sound quality while maintaining the energy and pure grit of a Harrington Saints gig!

Sadly, with the global pandemic that wiped out all plans for live music, the planned 2020 UK tour had to be canceled. As a result, a combination of the absence of live music along with the various places each of the members was at in life, the decision was made to amicably call an end to their 15-year run as Harrington Saints. As a final chapter in their book, LSM Vinyl and TASM Records are happy and proud, as friends AND fans of the band to be releasing this album. Ultra-limited to only 300 copies on black vinyl, with extensive liner notes and photos, this is for the die-hard Harrington Saints fan. So don’t miss out and get your copy before they are gone!

Side A:
1. Put Your Boots Back On
2. Sounds Of The Street
3. Bread And Roses
4. This Is Not A Country
5. Red State
6. Last Call (Skinhead’s Wake)
7. Let It Burn
8. Side By Side

Side B:
1. Factories
2. Saturdays In The Sun
3. Bootstraps
4. Upright Citizen
5. Pub Song
6. Revolution

• 300pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl