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KNOCK OFF - "Riot EP" 7" - Picture Disc

With 3 full-lengths and a handful of EPs, this is an ultra-limited vinyl Picture Disc version of their most recent EP. KNOCK OFF are a hard hitting punk trio, taking influences from the early 80's U.K punk scene. 30 years on and the country’s still a mess. KNOCK OFF’s sound is fuelled by anger and disillusionment at a country going down the pan and life in general. A raw and powerful sound mixed with anger, energy and passion, with stick in your head choruses, KNOCK OFF will leave their mark.

1. Riot 
2. 70’s TV Cop

1. Bow Down To No One 
2. A Cunt Is A Cunt

This release contains a digital download.

Pressing Information

200pcs. - 7" Picture Disc 
50pcs. - 7" Picture Disc w/ Hand-Numbered Covered