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Komintern Sect - Des Jours Plus Durs Que D'Autre 12" LP

Few bands active today are as legendary and have as long a history as KOMINTERN SECT. Formed just south of Paris in Orleans, in 1980, Komintern Sect are one of the bands that helped put French Oi! on the map alongside WARRIOR KIDS, CAMERA SILENS, etc. Like many bands of the era, KOMINTERN SECT had a very active spell through the 80’s and were then absent for about 20 years throughout the 90’s and 2000’s. Also like many of the classic bands, with a resurgence in the worldwide Oi! scene there was a much welcome return of the band about 10 years ago. With a steady schedule of live shows across Europe, this is the first new material from the band since their last release in 2016. True to form, ‘Des Jours Plus Durs Que D’Autre’ is technically and sonically on-point, delivering the classic style of catchy singalong anthems one comes to expect from French Oi! This is sure to become a modern classic and with a limited pressing as a Picture Disc, don’t miss out!

“KOMINTERN SECT ‘Les Seigneurs de la Guerre’ LP – Another French band with that English “skunk” sound. By that, I refer to the draping of soccer-style sing-alongs over a loud mid-tempo punk instrumental base. The title track and “Barcelone 1936” are the best of the songs in that style; “Les Vauriens” is the sole fast cut, but it too has a chanting chorus. Good.” - Maximum Rock’n’Roll #13, April/May 1984 (Jeff Bale)

Side A:
1. Comme Un Chien
2. Pas De Limites
3. JFP
4. Filles De France
5. Le Meilleur Des Monde

Side B:
1. Un Pied Dans Le Crise
2. Le Son De La Révolution
3. On Est Encore La
4. En Ton Nom
5. Que Restera-t-il De Toi

250pcs. - 12" Picture Disc Vinyl
250pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl