LA INQUISICION - "LVX" LP - Black Vinyl w/ ltd. cover

Now that their 2 previous releases, both 7” EPs have been long out of print, the long-awaited full-length from this Barcelona band comprised of punk rock veterans is finally available! Bubbling with aggression and anger, it does not require any knowledge of the Spanish language to be blown away by the power and passion, all while maintaining a melodic sound that captivates your attention.

La Inquisicion is already a well-known and appreciated force in Europe with their many gigs and tours. ‘LVX’ is being released in co-production with HFMN from Spain and Contra Records from Germany, and LSM Vinyl hopes to help introduce this amazing band to North American fans!

1. Falsos Profetas 
2. El Final 
3. Octubre 
4. La Huida

1. La Enfermedad 
2. Redencion 
3. Rosa De Mort 
4. Todo Pasa 
5. Verte Amanecer

This release contains a digital download.

Pressing Information

600pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl 
250pcs. - 12" White Vinyl 
150pcs. - 12" Grey Vinyl