LVGER - "Feel No Pain" b/w "Leaders Of Tomorrow" 7"

Inspired by equal parts Punk, Oi! and Metal, this is backstreet rock’n’roll that follows no rules and has no boundaries and that is what gives this the freedom to be unique and original. These New York City metal punks are back with a quick one-two punch for you on this simple but satisfying 7” single. 

This is a tough band to put into any single category… Metal? Punk? Bootboy rock’n’roll? But does it really matter? It simply kicks ass!! Get your copy soon as this ultra limited pressing will sell out fast.

"New York City’s LVGER’s six-song debut 12” takes a step back to the mid-’80s/early-’90s nexus where punk, metal, and rock hadn’t really formalized off, and clear, song-driven rock’n’roll tracks punched with the heavy riffage of metal and the blunt crudity of punk. There are whiffs of MOTÖRHEAD’s swagger, but the songs largely have the measured musical restraint of AT WAR or early DANZIG with their methodical soloing or traces of the bands Oi! roots." - Maximum Rock 'N Roll

1. Feel No Pain

1. Leaders Of Tomorrow (Major Accident)

154pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl