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NO HEART - "Can't Get Out" LP

Following a debut 7” Single and an incredible split 12” with THE OPPOSITION from Australia, this Canadian trio has hit new heights with their debut 12” LP. Packed with 10 new tracks of hard-hitting skinhead rock’n’roll verging on hard mod rock, this is leaps and bounds beyond their previous output. This will leave you wanting more from this group and thankfully you will not have to wait long as these prolific lads are already planning to hit the studio again soon!

"So if you are looking for some more of that Templars-esque, rough ‘n’ ready sound, you definitely need to keep an eye out for No Heart!" - American Oi!

Digital Download included.

1. Can't Get Out 
2. Better Way 
3. Same 
4. Left For Dead 
5. Running Amok

1. Come And Gone 
2. Do It Again 
3. Standards 
4. Face In The Crowd 
5. Under The Thumb

Pressing Information

350pcs. - 7" Ultra Clear Vinyl (Euro Version) 
150pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (North American Version)