SAVAGE BEAT - "Wired" LP - Black Vinyl

With the superb “Trench Warfare” EP, these lads from Amsterdam instantly raised the bar – and not just for the ‘competition’, but for them-selves as well! And rising to the occasion, now with their first full-length “Wired”, they are coming out stronger than before! Kicking out the jams with a unique mix of ’77 punk, proto-Oi! and pub rock, Savage Beat delivers another round of clean, Chiswick-style guitars, ’77 thrills and figuratively and literally, savage beats! Proving to the world that they are not a one-hit wonder, the boys crank out their best cuts to date, not to be missed by anyone into early punk and Oi! music!

1. Take It Further 
2. So Much Hate 
3. Tar And Feathers 
4. Down The Drain 
5. Wired

1. On The Outside 
2. Man’s Thunder 
3. Leather On Leather 
4. All Odds Against You 
5. Nowhere To Run

This release contains a digital download.

“Trench Warfare is a 6-track EP of Amsterdam skinhead rock’n’roll and it truly is a flawless victory…and definitely one of the top releases of 2017. No question about it.”

Pressing Information

150pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (North American version) 
350pcs. - 12" Neon Green Vinyl (European version)