SUBWAY THUGS - "The Good, The Bad & The Thugly: The Complete Collection"

It was the 1990’s and the internet had no influence – everything had to be discovered first-hand and made up as you go. In those days, there was a purity to things, and music and bands had a sincerity that can’t be replicated today. One of those bands was the Subway Thugs from Vancouver, Canada who were heavily influenced by equal parts 80’s English Oi! as well as 70’s rock’n’roll. Formed in 1998 and only having lasted for 3 years, the impact that this seminal Canadian skinhead band made has stood the test of time and influenced countless bands to follow with numerous cover versions of Subway Thugs songs in existence. After years of enquiries, and the resurgence of the world-wide Oi! scene along with a one-off reunion show at the Pogorausch festival in Germany this year, it seemed like the stars were finally aligned to gather all 23 songs ever recorded to be packaged in a deluxe 2X LP release complete with liner notes from the band.

This is a must-have collection of songs for fans both old and new of Oi! music and skinhead rock’n’roll, available on Oxblood colour vinyl from Rebellion Records in Europe and classic Black vinyl from LSM Vinyl in North America, including a digital download and limited to only 500 units.

“It is songs like this that keep me a Oi! fan for all these years. I chase these amazing songs like junkies chase the dragon.” -

01. Mainstream Crap
02. Subway Thugs
03. Frustration
04. Morning After
05. Just Not Fair
06. Stay Young

07. Bastards
08. Our Night
09. Cheers To You
10. Betrayed
11. I Don't Really Care

12. The Meddlar
13. We Are The Few
14. Who The Fuck Are You
15. This World
16. Deceived
17. The Future

18. The Battle
19. Memories
20. Romantic Street Bully
21. No Turning Back
22. Catch 22
23. US

This release contains a digital download.

200pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (North American version)
300pcs. - 12" Oxblood Vinyl (European version)