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The Corps - "Know The Code" 12" LP

10 years since the release of THE CORPS third album ‘Know The Code’, the band is back in the studio working on new material for a brand new album. In support of that, 2 of their iconic earlier releases are being re-issued to prepare a new generation of fans (also being re-issued is their very first debut album ‘Nail It Shut’.)

Side A: 
1. Talk Is Over
2. Fortune
3. Bad Men
4. Wolfman

Side B: 
5. Know The Code
6. Draw The Line
7. Bad And Worse
8. Angry Young Man
9. The Chase

170pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Clear w/ White & Black Splatter Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Clear Vinyl