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THE JANITORS - "Backstreet Ditties" 12" LP

Seven years after the last release from this brilliant French rock’n’roll band, so of course there has been much anticipation for this new release! With ten new tracks, “Backstreet Ditties” delivers everything you would hope for and expect from a new release by THE JANITORS – this is a ridiculously good album that will quickly turn into one of your favourite records in no-time! It’s raw, it’s melodic and if we can say so… it is fuckin’ brilliant to say the least! Get it while it’s hot!

“The album is a good punk album that moves forward nicely, celebrates the 70s and 80s and reminds us of the good punk albums of that time.” - Tough Magazine

Side A:
1. Don't Wanna Do It
2. Ain't That Drunk
3. Backstreet Ditties
4. Panic Attack
5. You're A Disease (Outcasts)

Side B:
1. No Turning Back
2. Don't Give A Fuck About You
3. Fancy Pills
4. Playing With Matches
5. Hate At First Sight

This release includes a digital download.

350pcs. - 12" Blood Red Vinyl (Euro Version)
150pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (LSM Version)