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Zanzara - Tutto Quello Che Hai Non Vale Niente 7"

London-based, Italian-language Zanzara was a project that originally formed in Salerno, Italy in 2018. Some initial recordings were made then, but the band was fully-formed during the first lockdown in May 2020, in London.

The sound of Zanzara is peculiar, personal and with a refreshing edge provided by post-punk rhythms – these primitive, repetitive rhythms create songs that have a clearly eighties sound to them.

Blitz would probably be the most obvious reference as there are definitely aspects of both their punk and post-punk style of ‘Second Empire Justice’ and ‘The Killing Dream’ in Zanzara. Another big influence is Camera Silens, with plenty of melody in the sound while not losing any of the power.

Side A: 
1. Tutto Quello Che Hai Non Vale Niente

Side B:
2. L'Appetito Del Fiammifero Acceso

150pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl
150pcs. - 7" Beer Vinyl