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An Slua - How Ya' Getting On? 7" EP

Irish punks An Slua hail from the west coast in the city of Gaillimh. While Ireland is probably more known for its 77/Power Pop style punk bands, when An Slua was formed there was a heavy emphasis on trying to create sing-along music that could unite an entire crowd, hence the name An Slua, which translates to “The Crowd” from Gaelige (Irish). An Slua draws heavily on bands like The Oppressed, The Press and Oi Polloi as well as Irish Oi! greats like Runnin’ Riot and Section 4. Strong political views in their songs is always important for the band, however they also didn't want to take themselves so seriously at the same time. So as An Slua proves, protesting and having the craic (“fun”) can go hand in hand.

Side A: 
1. How Ya’ Getting’ On?
2. Work Shy

Side B:
3. Peas And Carrots
4. On Your Plate

500pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl
100pcs. - 7" Green Vinyl