Red Union - Picture Disc


We're proud to announce the next installment of the Pirates Press Records SHAPED PICTURE DISC Series... with a band hailing from SERBIA no less. These AWESOME tracks from Red Union's new full length on ANR Records is a great followup to the Off With Their Heads record we released. The artwork for this one (done by Nenad, a renowned comic book illustrator and the band's guitarist) is seriously top notch, and the punk'ed up SPECIALS cover ("Rat Race") on the B-Side aint too shabby either!! Complete with a digital download of the tracks and a $3 deal for downloading the Full LP, this one is sure to make you dizzy if you watch it spinning on your turntable...

If you get a chance to check these guys out sometime in Europe do not pass it up. And do not pass up this record, or their full length, also available on our webstore!

Side A:
01. Rats and Snakes

Side B:
02. Rat Race (The Specials)

Pressing Information

500pcs. - 10" Picture Disc