Smalltown / Gundown - Split 7"


Gundown are an upstart streetpunk band from Cataluña Spain, and as many Pirates Press Records diehards know from three previous PPR releases, Smalltown hail from Sweden. Big fans of Smalltown, Beni, (the singer and bassist from The Gundown) contacted Kalle from Smalltown in the Fall of 2012, and invited them to play a short stint of shows with them in Spain. The guys from Smalltown really liked the Gundown tunes that they'd heard so they decided to give it a shot. All said and done, the Swedes flew down there, and everyone had a great time!

The two bands got along really well, and the shows were all fantastic! Soon, ideas were thrown around about doing something together, which resulted in this great split. To make it even more "intimate", both bands decided to record one of each others' tunes to compliment the brand new one of their own.

All four songs are fantastic. For those who got to take in one of those gigs, this is a great memento of one hell of a week - for everyone else it's meant to just make you jealous, and hope that either (or ideally both) of these bands come play your small town someday soon.

For now, you'll have to get by with the vinyl...

This release includes a digital download card.

1. "Spoiler Alert" (Original)
2. "Pantomime" (Gundown Cover)

1. "Count Me In" (Original)
2. "A Turn For The Worse" (Smalltown Cover)

Pressing Information

250pcs. - Mustard Yellow Vinyl (PPR Version)
250pcs. - Bone and Red Half N Half Vinyl (Fierro! Version)
100pcs. - Black Vinyl (Band/Promo Version)