Territories - S/T LP / CD


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To see such potential in a band and album materialize so quickly, with the songs reaching a worldwide audience, is truly gratifying. Seeing everyone that they have touched so far has been incredible. The full-length was even released as individual PICTURE FLEXI singles, a feat never been done before but one all too fitting for an album of this magnitude. People have been eating them up at record stores and venues, and in magazines all over the world; and the videos are being streamed in droves as well!

These tracks each stand on their own as pinnacle signs of musical talent and creative intuition. Climbing from the ashes of long time Canadian stronghold band, Knucklehead, this new arrangement has already become a staple in the western Canadian punk scene! The song writing is phenomenal, and together as a composition, these tracks paint a picture that is impossible to misinterpret. Intelligent, focused and passionate lyrics drive these unbelievably well written songs home.

Tune in and get these tunes stuck in your head too - you’ll love it!

Track Listing:
1. Numb Somehow
2. Green Eyes
3. New Thing
4. Quiet Voices
5. Bigger They Come
6. There And Gone
7. Heart That Breaks
8. Roman Walls
9. On With The Show
10. Standing In Place
11. Wolves
12. Nulla Victoria

Be sure to check out all of the lyric videos in the playlist below! All were done by Chris Curtis (Green Day, Dropkick Murphys).

Pressing Information

100pcs. - 12" Swamp Green Vinyl (Mailorder Pre-Order Version)
200pcs. - 12" Gold, Silver, & White Tri-Color Blend Vinyl (Mailorder Version #1)
300pcs. - 12" Beer w/ Black Smoke & White Splatter Vinyl (Mailorder Version #2)
400pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Retail Version)