Roadside Bombs - Rise Up LP


For nearly 10 years, this extremely talented and experienced five-piece has been steadily gaining momentum, perfecting their stance, and approach. Those of us lucky enough to have seen the climb have watched Roadside Bombs grow and just get better and better; playing bigger and bigger venues and ultimately writing catchier and catchier tunes.

Hot off a main stage performance at Punk Rock Bowling, and just in time for their second European tour in the fall, Pirates Press Records and Chapter 11 Records are incredibly proud to offer up this new LP entitled “Rise Up”. It’s dialed-in, start-to-finish, with songs that have already become local favorites and highlights in the band’s incredible live set. It conquers serious topics, from addiction to heartache, the election to class war and the inachievable 'American Dream’ - serious topics, but done in a way to keep you singing (and sometimes screaming) along the whole time.

Roadside Bombs was formed during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the great recession of 2008. They believe in the basic premise that everyday people make a country great, and that artists and musicians have a responsibility to give voice to the people. These ten tracks (and the extensive and poignant liner notes) illustrate how well this band does that.

Pick up a copy of “Rise Up” now, and see/hear for yourself!.

Digital download is included.

A Side
1. Looky
2. 45
3. Fade Away
4. Best Of The Best
5. Get Out Girl

B Side
1. Rise Up
2. One, Two
3. Nowhere, CA
4. Don't Bother
5. Election Day

Pressing Information

100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Chapter 11 Mailorder Exclusive)
200pcs. - 12" Mustard inside Red w/ Orange, Black, & White Splatter Vinyl (PPR Mailorder Version)
200pcs. - 12" Yellow w/ Red, Black & White Splatter Vinyl (Band Version)
500pcs. - 12" Blood Red Vinyl (REV Retail Version)