La Plebe - Been Drinking & Mexican Lotería Shaped Picture Disk

Consistently one of the hardest working bands in the Bay Area, LA PLEBE, have teamed up with vinyl magicians Pirates Press Records to release this gem onto the world. As these two new songs are sung in English (most of LA PLEBE'S aren't), this release is undoubtedly going to attract some new fans to this incredible band - especially some JOE STRUMMER diehards, as the cover of "Silver & Gold" is simply brilliant; adding the horns, aggro and chaos that this band is so well-known for.

The title track "Been Drinkin' Again" is a re-recorded and re-worked uptempo version of the final track on their 2010 album "Brazo En Brazo", hands-down a crowd favorite at their countless sold-out Bay Area shows. It exudes the energy, passion and talent that this band embodies, and is a perfect track for such a standout release.

With some killer artwork by the almighty Johnny Peebucks (of SWINGIN' UTTERS fame), this amazing package will certainly turn heads at the local record store. Made to look like a Mexican lotería card, the rectangular picture disc and accompanying lotteria game (direct from Mexico!) are a totally unique and fun pairing. And don't worry, it comes with instructions...

For those who have been following LA PLEBE's career, hearing these recordings will surely make you wonder what's coming next for this one-of-a-kind latino powerhouse!

This release includes a digital download card AND a Mexican lotería (card) game.

1. Been Drinkin' Again
2. Silver and Gold (Orig. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros)

Pressing Information

1000pcs. - Shaped Picture Disc & Lotería Game