Street Dogs - Crooked Drunken Sons 7"


The past few years of endless travel and life away from families, piling into sweaty clubs and endlessly moving gear and boxes of merch, and living life in various mobile domiciles has certainly provided cause for a much needed break, but this is a band that knows how to fight. In Mr. McClogan's words, "Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Walk Away, Always Fighting!"

In November 2012, during a breif homestretch in the middle of a whirlwind world tour, the band (with old friend Rick Barton, ex-DROPKICK MURPHYS) recorded these tracks themselves at Johnny Rioux's compound in Texas. Originally they were going to be demos to work on for a new album... but they are too good for that, so here they are!

"Crooked Drunken Sons" has been a moniker, of sorts, that the band has been playing with for a while now, trying to figure out if it would become a song, an album, or even the name of a side project. Well, it's a song and one of their best! Backed up by two equally powerful contributions on the b-side, this record is stacked with that '98 attitude!


Pressing Information

First Pressing:
50pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (PROMO ONLY)
500pcs. - 7" Black in Bone Color-In-Color, with Blood Red Splatter Vinyl
550pcs. - 7" Bone Vinyl (REVHQ Exclusive)

Second Pressing:
500pcs. - 7" Ultra Clear w/ Blood Red, Black, & White Splatter Vinyl
500pcs. - 7" Blood Red Vinyl