Suede Razors - "The Bovver & The Glory" 7" EP

Since the mantra for Suede Razors is “keep on rocking”, a quick tour starting with Rebellion Festival in the UK followed by a week in Europe ending with the Endless Summer festival in Germany is set for August of 2019. So with that in mind, the guys hit the studio again to lay down a new glam-tinged rock’n’roll anthem called ‘The Bovver & The Glory’ as well as their take on an obscure but catchy pub rock song called ‘Crazy Paving’ originally by BILLY KARLOFF.

“Suede Razors are for fans of bands like Social Distortion, Cock Sparrer, The Who, The Jam and New Bomb Turks. They’re a band that you could listen to with your skinhead friends, and also with your uncle who drinks beer in his garage jamming out to Bachman Turner Overdrive. In 2018, rock and roll is in pretty bad shape. The kids are listening to rap, EDM, bro country and various other crap. Among the younger generation, rock and roll listening and record buying is at an all time low. If the genre needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, Suede Razors would be a good place to start.”

Side A:
1. The Bovver & The Glory

Side B:
1. Crazy Paving

This release contains a digital download.

250pcs. - 12" Red Vinyl (European version)
200pcs. - 12" Vinyl (N. American version)
50pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (European version)