Sydney Ducks - Esprit De Corps 7"


The SYDNEY DUCKS are a band with exceedingly solid songs and lyrics that creates their own distinct sound. Featuring ex-members of AIRFIX KITS, ACEPHALIX, EMERGENCY, OUR TURN, and SUBWAY THUGS, they clearly come from a wide variety of punk and hardcore backgrounds - and it shows. As does their cohesiveness! Their notoriety in San Francisco came quickly; selling out the common bar shows local bands get introduced through - and they've more recently established themselves supporting popular bands like THOSE UNKNOWN, YOUND OFFENDERS, and OLD FIRM CASUALS - and their plans for the future take that even further. Their debut 7" is nearly out of print, scooped up by local fans and internet collectors alike, and this followup to it is sure to be a hit as well!!

Perhaps it's best to use the word of a reviewer to further illustrate and legitimize the effect that this band is having, both locally here in SF, as well as around the world (thanks to the Internet, so far!).

“There’s been a new wave rising over the last few years keeping punk legitimate in an era threatened by being mired in nostalgia and mediocrity. With such disparate bands like YOUNG OFFENDERS and CRIMINAL DAMAGE and now the SYDNEY DUCKS, this new generation (made largely of people from older generations) manages to create a fresh, new blue-collar punk sound while staying purely traditional at the same time. SYDNEY DUCKS achieve this by doing away with the repetitiveness common to Oi! and replacing it with dashes of influences ranging from mid tempo hardcore to a bit of first generation post punk. The resultant sound is like the TEMPLARS crossed with IGNITION..." –Maximum RocknRoll

HISTORY OF THE NAME: The Sydney Ducks was the name given to immigrants from Australia in San Francisco, during the mid-19th century. Because of the prevalent nativism in the United States at the time, along with the well-known British penal colonies in Australia, these immigrants were stereotyped as criminals, and were blamed for phenomena such as an 1849 fire that devastated the heart of San Francisco, as well as the rampant crime in the city at the time. Undoubtedly, there were criminals among the Sydney Ducks who operated in gangs, but the community also included sailors, longshoremen, teamsters, wheelwrights, shipwrights, bartenders, saloon keepers, washerwomen, domestic servants, and dressmakers. The largest proportion were born in Ireland and migrated during the Great Irish Famine, first to Australia as laborers and then to California as part of the Gold Rush.

Pressing Information

500pcs. - 7" Red Vinyl
500pcs. - 7" White Vinyl
50pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (Promo)